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Equine Products



2 kg, 5kg, 10kg, & 25kg Buckets
This is a high grade horse and dog supplement based on cod liver oil and seaweed kelp which gives excellent health and vitality to animals. Ideal for show animal or animals after training.

buzz off

Buzz Off

Lice and Mange Wash
Can be used neat or mixed as a wash by mixing with warm water at a ratio of 50:1.
Ideal for horses, dogs and all racing animals. Healing usually visible after 7 days depending on severity of disorder.



Suitable for animals that are prone to laminits. Helps keep horses at optimum fitness and health



Helps maintain supple, mobile and pain free joints in animals. An all bnatural Irish product by novavet to help bring your stock to the optimum of fitness and health. Can be fed to all breeds and species with confidence.

horse calm

Horse Calm

A formulated feed supplement fir horses, Feed 60ml to adult horse prior to stress event e.g. travelling, noise etc. Ponies and foals feed 15-30ml.

nova lyte

Nova lyte

A highly effective and convenient blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to counter act the effect of scouring in young calves 60ml

cow wet wipes

Cow Wet Wipes

Single use sanitising teat wipes for pre-milking and iudder cleaning. Easy to use, cleans teat and udder, Rapid drying, cleaning sanitising wipes help control mastitis and promote general udder health, Cleans udder and teats without irritation. Wipes are impregnated with allantonine for skin care.


Kim Wipes

Available in packs of 6’s 2 and 3 ply Kimberly Clarke paper towels for dairy and hand use.

To speak to one of our experts about the right product for your animals get in contact with our offices today.

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